"The drums together with the DJ is a great combination!
Donna - Long Beach, NY


Wedding DJ / Popular Top 40 hits, mixed party classics, well versed in various styles to enhance standard DJ music sets.

"Being in the industry for over two decades has enabled me to learn from some of the best and be familiar with a large variety of songs as well as musical styles, and even more importantly,  how percussion works best with a DJ."

After performing at countless events throughout the years, Robert has developed  the expertise needed to follow a DJ through his playlists and mixes without skipping a beat! 

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Robert  V


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Percussion with Precision!

"To make percussion work at an event, you have to truly know the music you are performing to.  Knowing the music is half the battle when it comes to accompanying a DJ in a live situation, you never know what they are going to throw at you next.  So it's important to be familiar with the current popular tracks as much as the classics."  

It's knowing that music and its intricate parts that enables Robert to play along with pin-point accuracy, bringing out the highlights in each song.